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Poplar Haven Farms Ltd. was founded by John and Rebecca Smith in the 1930’s and was one of the early pioneers of the Maine-Anjou breed in Canada. After experimenting with different breeds, the Maine-Anjou breed offered the characteristics that John and his sons Ron, Robert and Gary were seeking. They sold 3 half blood heifers, by AI sires, at the first North American Maine-Anjou sale in Edmonton. Afterwards, John and Rebecca travelled to France and selected four Fullblood heifers. The Smith families were then committed to the joint success of Poplar Haven Farms and the Maine-Anjou breed. They held 10 production sales in the 70’s and 80’s, which were considered the national pacesetters for the breed. Throughout the 70’s Poplar Haven exhibited many champions at the premier cattle shows throughout Western Canada, including a string of 10 head at one of the first Canadian Western Agribition’s. Their show success continued on in the 1980’s with the legendary LW Challenger, a Fullblood Cunia son, to 13 Grand championships and 3 Supreme championships. The Poplar Haven raised bull, Poplar Haven Polled Pursuit, born in 1991, was the bull that began the surge in black Maines. During the 1980’s Gary also served on the Canadian Maine-Anjou Associations board of director’s as well as president. From leading herd sires, to the infamous gopher races during the 1984 World Congress, Poplar Haven made its mark on the Maine-Anjou breed during the 70’s and 80’s.
As time passed and families grew, the three brothers at Poplar Haven divided the operation in 1997. Ron and Ruth and their family operate Poplar Haven Farms 2000 Ltd. a large diversified mixed farm with a herd of commercial Maine cows. Robert and Annette, until his passing in 2006, and their sons run commercial Maine cows as Maine Haven Ranching Ltd. While Gary, Kristine, Kelly and her husband Scott, Guy and his wife Emily, rodeo coaches in Oklahoma, have continued Poplar Haven’s tradition of purebred Maine’s as NuHaven Cattle Co Ltd.
At NuHaven, we have been proud of the quality of our past herds, as well as our current herd of over 250 black Purebred and Maine-Tainer cows. We have been honoured over the years by the relationships we have made with Maine breeders, both the pioneers and new comers to the breed. We at NuHaven Cattle, look forward to the next four decades of continued success within and for the breed of Maine-Anjou cattle.
The NuHaven herd has grown to consist of 240 Purebred Maine and MaineTainer cows and 20 purebred Angus cows. Each year we AI over 100 of our Maine cows, see using many of today’s popular AI sires. Our Angus herd is used as recipients in our embryo program and are then turned out with Maine cleanup bulls. Our Maine pedigree’s include some of the Poplar Haven bloodlines, as well as heavily influenced Cunia papers, and many of the breeds leading sires. Stop in some time for a tour through the herd.

VCC 252L, donor cow at NuHaven

Photos of NuHaven Donors Coming Soon!